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Niche Fragrance Creation

Embark on a journey of fragrance creation where artistry meets accessibility. At Aswadan Group, we specialize in bringing your unique scent visions to life. Our dedicated team ensures the highest standards of quality and affordability in crafting your signature scent.

Curated Selection of scents

Selecting the right essence is crucial for crafting a premium fragrance. Our experts carefully handpick each oil from a curated collection, chosen for its exceptional quality and aromatic properties. This selection allows us to offer a range of sophisticated and captivating scent profiles.

Turnkey Fragrance Solutions

Comprehensive Packaging Options: A selection of bottles, caps, and accessories that align with your brand identity, suitable for private label products.

Regulatory Compliance:Handling all necessary tests, approvals, and registrations to ensure your product meets market standards.

Ready-to-Sell: We prepare everything you need so that your custom fragrance is shelf-ready, reducing your time to market and simplifying your launch process.

Why Choose Us?

Based in Central Europe and partnering across Italy, the UK, and France, Aswadan Group blends traditional European luxury with modern efficiency. We streamline our fragrance development using specially selected oils, ensuring each scent exceeds expectations with distinct quality and luxury. Committed to innovation, we deliver cutting-edge private label and bespoke solutions, setting new standards in the fragrance industry.

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